Collaborative Assignment Design Assignment

ITP Core 2, Spring 2019: Collaborative Assignment Design Assignment

You will collaboratively craft, with at least one student from another discipline, a scaffolded assignment for a final project in an undergraduate course that engages with one or more of the core ideas explored to this point in your ITP experience. (Your work on this assignment can link to your own final project for our class, or your own field, or a class you actually teach, but none of that is required).

We’ll give you some time for initial discussion with your partner during class on Monday April 15th. The assignment plan is due on Thursday May 2, when you and your partner will post to the course forum a final project assignment with at least three discrete, connected tasks, intended for an undergraduate course. All groups will read all assignments, and we will discuss them in the first hour of class on Monday May 6th.

The post should have the following elements:

  • A brief statement of the context of the course (discipline, level, institution type, instructional mode, is it real or imagined)
  • A statement about the place of the assignment within the larger learning goals of the course; why is it the final?
  • A draft of the assignment, addressed to your students
  • A statement of the technologies used in the assignment, and why
  • The criteria you’d use to evaluate the assignment