Raven Gomez Bio

Hello everyone! I am a master’s student in Digital Humanities at the CUNY Graduate Center. I  received my bachelor’s from Smith College in Africana Studies: Urban Education, and an A.A in Liberal Arts Social Science & Humanities from LaGuardia Community College. I am currently serving as the the HASTAC Scholars Coordinator with The Futures Initiative and Program Assistant with the Digital Humanities department at the GC. I have also worked with community college across the country, and am passionate to serve the needs of students of 1st generation college students from nontraditional backgrounds. As a scholar rooted in the humanities, my work demonstrates a strong interdisciplinary background, integrating innovative pedagogies of education including the usage of technology and game-based projects in the classroom. I have previously managed the Smith College Video Game Research Lab through which I mentored students in creating their own video game projects, and collaboratively created games which reflected the needs of students of color in higher education settings. Through the use of digital platforms, I’m passionate students can become empowered to forge their own identities in higher education settings.

Taking last semester’s ITP Core one with Carlos Hernandez and Ximena Gallardo was an awesome experience, which ended up being  huge support and inspiration for a games project Anthony Wheeler and I recently had the opportunity to present on at the CUNY Games Conference this past January.

I’m looking forward to continue learning from you all and having the scaffolding to expand upon these types of interactive medium projects in the near future!

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