Cameron’s Bio

Hi all,

My name is Cameron Rasmussen.  In the last few years I learned (through a very brief google search) that my last name means son of the beloved, so I have that going for me.  I was born and raised in Sacramento, CA where my twin brother and parents still live.  I moved to NYC to do an MSW 7 and a half years ago and haven’t left.  I love music, hip hop and soul in particular, my spotify discover weekly and Friday release radar playlists are two highlights of my week.

Im a second year student in the social welfare program at CUNY and am interested in restorative justice and alternative responses to violence beyond a paradigm of punishment.  Im interested in restorative and transformative accountability, both for responding to serious violence, but also in helping everyone everywhere be in better relationship with themselves and others, and more able to resolve conflict in ways that lead to that.  Im also interested in gender and masculinity, how patriarchy and domination make accountability work much harder, and to identify and further strategies for uprooting patriarchy, both to make accountability more possible, and to help us all be in better relations.