Let’s Do This – Spring, 2019!

I’m Ash. I am a level 2 Ph.D. student in Theatre and Performance. My academic work centers around theatre¬†practices in war zones and areas of conflict. I am a director, actor, and playwright. I am interested in creating work that transforms the way that people see the world.¬†As a millennial artist, I am particularly drawn to how the events of September 11th, 2001 shaped my generation. This has been a question that I have asked in much of my work, which has looked at the implications of the war on terror, patriotism, religion, security and surveillance, xenophobia, and the refugee crisis.

I am loving my time at the Graduate Center, though I am a practitioner at heart. It’s been very exciting to further develop theatrical praxis in a supportive and stimulating atmosphere. Currently, I’m working on creating a one-woman production of Antigone set at the US/Mexico border. I’m often working on multiple projects at once. I like staying busy and motivated.

Upon receiving my Ph.D. my goal is to continue doing what I’m doing now but be paid a living wage to do it… Lately, though I have been thinking a lot about journalism and dabbling with the idea of what having a job in journalism (like at Democracy Now! or an independent organization) would look like. I know it’s impossibly hard, like theatre. I am particularly interested in photojournalism (here is a link to my photo website: www.introublewiththeking.org). My life has some epic scope creep, but I’m okay with it – keeps things interesting at all times.

ITP has been absolutely transformative. It has greatly informed by teaching and I’ve been exposed to exciting new ideas and technological practices that I had only vaguely heard of. I am particularly interested in technology and pedagogy as activism. This is what initially brought me to ITP. I’m looking forward to continuing working with and learning from all of you.

This is my cat, Kirby. Isn’t he great?